Is Music Inherently Spiritual?

I was raised Anglican going to my dad's church every week. One of the things that happens in the Anglican church and many others, is the recitation of certain prayers. Today I had a certain line that I believe comes from, "the Creed" (not the band) that goes something like this: "I believe in God the father almighty, creator of heaven and earth." This got me thinking about what that line could actually mean to me. I think the most common interpretation is probably that God, whatever that means to you, created these things called heaven and the earth some immeasurably long time ago. But what if we take it more as a present-tense description of "God"? God as the pervasive creative force in all nature? Something more along the lines of: "I believe that the Divine is reflected in every creative act in this world, and all others, and every spontaneous creative act is a blossoming expression of our Divine souls: the core of our very being". Affirming my belief in that, is a prayer well worth reciting!