Things Coming Up! (Summer 2017)

Hello blog readers of the world/internet

I have a little bit of downtime (only on paper) so I thought I would take this opportunity to write a post about some of the things that are coming up in the next few months. I just finished playing a bunch of shows with the Tirgan Festival in Toronto, a 3 day Persian music and cultural bonanza! I'm now proudly participating in two different Iranian music projects and I couldn't be happier about it. I really have a strong fondness for all middle eastern music so being at, and playing in a festival like Tirgan is very fulfilling for me!

In a few days I will be taking a road trip out to Nova Scotia where I will be doing a little bit more than simply lying on a beach and visiting family. I have several recording dates planned including the following: Kirtan Album in Halifax, Hip-hop/Rap EP with Pete Adams (AKA Sewa, AKA Split Adams) in Fredricton, possible hip hop beat recording session/classical percussion sampling session with Andrew Johnson in Wolfville. I'm pretty stoked about all of these things! 

Just 6 days later, I will be returning to Ontario to play at the Toronto Ska Fest with Harmonauts. Immediately after that I will be packing and moving to my new apartment. If you follow me on instagram (@peter.bull.bass) you have probably seen a couple posts from me showing of my new studio room where I will be doing the majority of my recording, videos, mixing, practicing, scoring, etc. This is really exciting for me! I will soon be graduating from one corner (complete with construction and traffic noise) to four whole corners of a SILENT ROOM!!! No marathon honkers* to interrupt an otherwise magical take. Ready to nail that drum fill??? Well you'll just have to wait until the cement truck is no longer parked less than 10 feet from your window.

Anyway, once graduating to my own music room, I will be jumping right into a couple different recording projects. I am going to be recording a CD for a Norwegian street performer in late August and beginning work on scoring for the short horror film: Adventures in Babysitting. Excited for both.

There will also be a Dog Leg Dilemma gig at Sonic at the end of August. 

That's all for now!

See you soon,


*(you know the ones who just hold it down waaaaaay longer than necessary (as if honking at stopped traffic caused by a construction bottleneck is ever productive))