Recording - Mixing - Mastering - Producing

In addition to Session work and live performances, I offer a range of audio services from recording and producing to podcast editing. Some of the best examples of my recording, mixing and mastering can be found on my Solo Projects page. These are all creations that I have put together from scratch in my home studio. Below are a series of other examples, listed by genre. 

If you are in the market for any of these services please feel free to get in touch with me through the Contacts page. 


Live in the Park

This Ep is a collaboration I did with east coast rapper Split Adams (AKA Sewa). This recording was done in extremely difficult circumstances: Live. in a public park at 2AM. One mic. One set of headphones. One electric bass. 

Most of the drums and beats layered in were done after the fact. In spite of these challenges the tracks turned out pretty good! More of my hip hop production can be found scattered throughout my Demons EP.


Kantele Project Matti Pilonen

In 2017, I recorded, mixed, and mastered a 10 track album of traditional Scandanavian folk music and original songs in the style. All tracks were arranged and performed by Matti Pilonen. 


Downtown Jazz Trio

I play bass in this jazz trio and when it came time to make our first recording, I took on the responsibilities of engineering, mixing, and mastering. All tracks were recorded live off the floor in my home studio with only 6 inputs (two of my usual 8 were out of commission). I am really happy with the results and look forward to producing more jazz records!