Bass For Your Music?

If you are looking for recorded bass on a project of yours I can almost certainly help you!

I have been playing bass and doing session work for years in a wide variety of bands and styles (Rock, Jazz, Funk, Ska, World, Fusion, Reggae, Pop, Folk). Please listen to the samples below. 

If you are wondering about my rates, I am very flexible depending on what your project is! I am open to learning a whole album's worth of material, rehearsing and tracking with your band in a pro studio or, If you just want some nice solid bass on a demo for soundcloud I can easily record something from my own home studio and send you the files for cheap!

No project is too big or too small! I believe that every song deserves quality bass, so send me a message and we can work out the details! 

Photo taken during a video shoot with Rhythm & Vibes, at Revolution (Toronto, Ontario)

Photo taken during a video shoot with Rhythm & Vibes, at Revolution (Toronto, Ontario)

Happy Customers

"I hired Peter to play electric bass on a couple tracks for my EP, All of My Life. Peter obviously has a deep knowledge and understanding of his instrument: He just didn’t come in and play, but he showed me different sounds he could create on his bass. As capturing a certain aesthetic was important to my EP, having this selection was a bonus. He was very professional, and I would recommend him as a session musician."

-Melina Coolen, 2017

"I have been hiring Peter to perform and record with my band, Rhythm & Vibes for almost 2 years. He comes prepared and gets the job done quickly and easily. Always a pleasure to work with."

-Nima Ahmadieh, 2017

"A bassist of extraordinary calibre, well defined in his approach, and artistically versatile."

-Alex Purcell, 2017


Below is a playlist of three singles I recorded with the band, Rhythm and Vibes. These tracks were recorded and mixed at Bamahang Studios.

I recorded the bass for, "I Found You," by Jeremy Voltz, remotely from my home studio. 

In 2016 I recorded bass and backup vocals on Purcell Project's EP. Below are some selections from the EP which has not been released yet. There will be a link to buy the full album on my "Bands" page once the disc is released!